Texts by Ross Simonini and Chris Fallon.

Unburdened By Meaning is a split effort between Adam Tullie & Devendra Banhart which documents selections of work created over one week, while the artists worked in parallel in Devendra's New York drawing studio. Adam & Devendra intentionally approached the conceptual undercurrent of the project with a direct openness, as the title suggests. The unspoken objective was to simply allow what was to occur in its most effortless trajectory, embracing improvisation and impulse. This is apparent from a conceptual point of view, along with their overall mark-making sensibility. After the weeklong time-frame was extinguished, a clear visual vocabulary emerged from the wandering explorations of both artists making sense of senselessness. As Chris Fallon writes, "In this book we see two sympathetic artists inching away from their usual representational modes, yet involuntary gravitating towards a common center. Deliberate, minimal lines become thicker and freer. Figures are abstracted. The heft of any cultural or art historical knowledge is supplanted by broad, impulsive gestures. The quiet modesty that has blanketed both artists' work is lifted, uncovering the liveliness beneath". Unburdened By Meaning is Adam & Devendra's first joint publication.


• Hardcover
• 64 pages
• Indigo printing on Cougar 200m uncoated interior
• 150 edition
• Numbered and signed by the artists